Blockbuster Alert: Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 Shatters Records and Sparks Unforgettable Celebrations Worldwide!

Sunny Deol’s highly anticipated sequel, “Gadar 2,” created a buzz among fans when it premiered in India in August of this year. The film received an enthusiastic response from the audience and quickly set numerous records at the box office. Interestingly, the excitement surrounding “Gadar 2” extended beyond the borders of India. Following India’s decisive victory against Pakistan in a cricket match held on Monday, fans in Sri Lanka were seen celebrating the win by singing the famous song “Main Nikla Gaddi Leke” from Sunny’s movie.

On Monday, India defeated Pakistan by a substantial 288-run margin in the Super Four match of the Asia Cup. Subsequently, a video surfaced online, capturing Indian cricket enthusiasts in Colombo, Sri Lanka, dancing with the Indian flag in hand as they sang the iconic lines from Sunny Deol’s song.

“Gadar 2” hit theaters on August 11 with great anticipation and fanfare. According to, the film, directed by Anil Sharma, has earned nearly Rs. 511 crores since its release. Sunny Deol confessed to feeling nervous before the film’s release, saying, “I was quite stressed before the movie’s release. When the movie was released, I laughed and cried the whole night. My father was present, and he witnessed it. I told him, ‘I haven’t had a drop of alcohol. I’m just happy, what can I do?'”

Sunny also made an appearance on Rajat Sharma’s show, “Aap Ki Adalat,” where he discussed the success of the film. He stated, “When Anil Sharma told me about the concept, I liked it, and work began from that point. I had confidence that the people who enjoyed ‘Gadar’ would also appreciate this sequel. I knew it would either not work at all, or if it did, it would bring honor (izzat) to the film. This movie has maintained its ‘izzat’ as a sequel.”

When asked about the possibility of a third installment in the “Gadar” franchise, Sunny expressed his readiness, stating that while he was nervous before taking on “Gadar 2,” he now feels prepared for “Gadar 3.”

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