“Kareena Kapoor’s Shocking Revelation: How Her ‘Cool Dad’ Defied Tradition and Revolutionized Bollywood!

Kareena Kapoor Khan has had a remarkable journey in the entertainment industry. With a strong family background in cinema, being the granddaughter of the legendary actor Raj Kapoor, Kareena recently discussed a significant period when women in the Kapoor family were not allowed to pursue careers in film. Her elder sister, Karisma, was the one to break this tradition and establish her own name in the industry.

Addressing this topic at an event hosted by Indian Express, Kareena expressed her gratitude towards her father, Randhir Kapoor, for defying conventions and supporting their careers in acting. She affectionately referred to her dad as the ‘most supportive,’ stating, “I think my father has been one of the most progressive fathers ever.”

Reflecting on the era when Kapoor women were restricted from working in films, she acknowledged that “times were different,” especially in the 1970s. However, she appreciated her father for adapting to changing times because, as she emphasized, “You have to keep evolving for your children. It’s crucial not to cling to outdated norms.”

Kareena further highlighted her father’s unwavering support for Karisma during her initial foray into acting, remarking, “It was challenging for Karisma at that time as she was one of the pioneering Kapoor girls. But it’s important to note that my father always stood by her. Even now, if he calls me while I’m working, he encourages me to focus on my work. He’s remarkably open-minded, cosmopolitan, and has consistently been a great source of support.”

Kareena affectionately referred to her father as a “friend and guide” who was truly ahead of his time.

Turning to her professional life, Kareena Kapoor is gearing up for her debut on the OTT platform with “Jaane Jaan,” directed by Sujoy Ghosh. The film is set to premiere on Netflix on September 21. An adaptation of Keigo Higashino’s book “The Devotion of Suspect X,” this crime thriller also features Vijay Varma and Jaideep Alhawat. Interestingly, Sujoy initially approached Saif Ali Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for the film in 2015 before it eventually landed in Kareena’s lap.

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