SHOCKING! Google Ad EXPOSES Apple’s Secret USB-C Transition Plan – iPhone 15 REVEALED?

In a recent advertisement titled ‘Best Phones Forever,’ Google playfully acknowledges that the upcoming Apple iPhone 15 series, set to launch on September 12, is likely to incorporate USB-C connectivity. The advertisement portrays a humorous scenario where a Google Pixel 7 and what appears to be an iPhone enjoy a spa day together. This lighthearted ad aligns with the upcoming launch events: Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ event on September 12, followed by Google’s in-person event on October 4, during which they will introduce the new Pixel 8 smartphones.

This playful exchange between rival phone manufacturers is not the first of its kind, reflecting the friendly competition in the industry. However, this particular advertisement strongly suggests that Apple’s iPhone 15 models will finally embrace USB-C technology.

In the ad, the iPhone humorously remarks, “Seems like every time I turn around, phones like yours are achieving feats I can’t match, such as enhancing old photos, handling unknown calls with AI, and live translating messages. It’s a bit overwhelming, but I still have a few surprises up my sleeve.”

To this, the Pixel responds, “Like what?”

With a subtle pun, the iPhone hints, “I have something under wraps, but let’s just say you’ll be adopting USB-C soon!”

The revelation comes when the Pixel inquires, “Are you transitioning to USB-C charging?”

The iPhone playfully responds, “How did you know?”

Given that Google has created a fun ad focused on USB-C while poking lighthearted fun at the iPhone, it strongly implies that USB-C adoption is on the horizon. As fierce competitors vying for market share, it’s unlikely that Google would feature an ad discussing an upcoming feature without having some insider knowledge.

Furthermore, various industry insiders and analysts, including Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, have previously made similar predictions over the past year.

At the Apple event scheduled for September 12, alongside the unveiling of the iPhone 15 series, Apple is also expected to introduce the new Apple Watch Series 9 and the next-generation Apple Watch Ultra. There may even be an announcement regarding a new version of the AirPods Pro charging case featuring USB-C compatibility.

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