SHOCKING News: Free Fire India Relaunch Delayed AGAIN! Find Out Why…

Free Fire India was slated to launch on September 5 in a rebranded version after being banned in the country for almost 18 months. However, the game’s developer has announced a delay of “a few weeks” before its re-release in India.

This announcement followed the developer’s communication on its social media platforms.

Garena stated, “In order to provide the best possible experience to our Free Fire India fans right from the start, we have decided to postpone the launch by a few more weeks.” They also mentioned that they are dedicating time to fully localize the Free Fire India experience and improve gameplay.

To comply with Indian authorities, Garena has made significant modifications to the game. It will now feature localized content and characters and will emphasize esports to expand its user base and enhance its credibility.

Despite the delay, pre-registrations for the Android version of Garena Free Fire India are still open on the Google Play Store as of now. Interested players can visit the Google Play Store to pre-register for the game. Additionally, an “Automatic Install” option can be enabled for the game to download automatically upon release.

In order to align with India’s regulations and facilitate the game’s relaunch, Garena has partnered with Yotta for cloud hosting services in India. Yotta, a company under the Hiranandani Group, is helping Garena comply with Indian regulations.

Furthermore, the developers are taking a cautious approach to ensure the game is perfect before its public release, to minimize the risk of being banned again.

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