Box Office Showdown: Gadar 2 Crosses 500 Crores While OMG 2 Fights to Stay Afloat! Who Will Rule the Box Office?

Both the Sunny Deol-starring “Gadar 2” and the Akshay Kumar-starring “OMG 2” have enjoyed a successful run in theaters for over three weeks. Despite their box office clash, both films have been performing well.

Interestingly, Anil Sharma’s directorial, “Gadar 2,” had a stronger opening in the box office battle, earning an impressive 40 crore rupees on its debut day, while “OMG 2,” starring Akshay Kumar, made nearly 10 crore rupees on its opening day. Today, “Gadar 2” has entered the 500 crore club.

As “OMG 2” and “Gadar 2” entered their fourth week in theaters, they continued to engage audiences, undeterred by competition from “Dream Girl 2.” Both movies maintained their robust performance in this ongoing box office showdown. Early trends indicate that Sunny Deol’s “Gadar 2” has earned an estimated 7-8 crore rupees* on its 24th day, bringing its total earnings to approximately 500.37-501.37 crore rupees*. To provide context, the film had earned around 493.37 crore rupees by the end of its 23rd day.

In the midst of these unfolding developments, Akshay Kumar’s “OMG 2” finds itself in an intense battle with strong opponents like “Dream Girl 2” and “Gadar 2.” Early trends suggest that the movie has successfully garnered an estimated 1.50-2.50 crore rupees* on its 24th day in theaters. With these recent figures, the film’s total earnings now exceed the 144-crore mark.

Both films have four more days to thrive before Shah Rukh Khan’s “Jawan” is set to release on September 7, with most screens likely to be allocated to the upcoming action film.”

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