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PPC (Pay per Click) is the process of getting website traffic by Paid Advertising. PPC is the most effective and result focused part of digital marketing. We provide best paid advertising services in Mumbai India. We specialise in using platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Bing, for advertising, which covers over 80% of websites in the world. We design an integrated campaign across various channels to get the best results. Contact us for best PPC services in Mumbai.

PPC(Pay Per Click), also known as CPC(Cost per Click) is an online advertising model where the advertiser pays a publisher for every click. PPC is the most widely used advertising model for all paid ads. PPC ads are broadly classified into social Engine Advertising and Display Ads.

social Engine Ads or SEM is where an advertiser pays social engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc to show their ads above or below the organic social results. A company will generally have multiple products or services. And then there are many different social terms people use to social for these services and products. Ranking on the first page organically with SEO for all of these possible social terms is not possible for a brand. This is where social Engine Marketing comes in and makes it possible for even smaller brands to compete with large companies and get highly qualified traffic to their websites. SEM compliments SEO to get a wider coverage on social Engines.

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